Choosing the Best Collar for Your Dog

Choosing the Best Collar for Your Dog

A dog collar is a necessity if you have your dog outside at any time.  If you keep a tag on the collar, it will help your dog come back home if he ever becomes lost.  It is also a way to show the world just how stylish your dog is.

custom-leather-collarsIf your family has a dog, it is very likely that you own at least a half dozen dog collars sitting around your home, especially if you are the trendy type.  It seems that dogs enjoy having their collars changed every once in a while.  There are many types and styles of collars that are available to purchase.  A lot of dog owners will purchase a variety of colors of collars so they can match their dog’s outfit with their collar when they go out.  Of course, celebrities will always try to keep their dogs looking more unique by buying them high dollar, fancy looking collars.  Making dogs look more fashionable has been a trend for quite a few years now.  Some people even put their business name on the collar to help advertise for them while on walks.  All you need to do is put your slogan or your website on it, such as

If you are in the market for a new collar, keep these points in mind:

The first thing to consider, is making sure that the collar will fit your dog comfortably.  If it doesn’t have the right fit, it could cause sores or raw spots on your dog’s neck.  Also, if it is too loose, your dog may slip right out of it.

You will need to ensure that the collar and leash together isn’t too heavy and irritates the dogs neck.  Be sure to read the specifications listed on the collar before buying, such as the weight of the dog and the suitable age to use it on.

If you have a larger, more ferocious dog, be sure the collar is heavier duty so you will be able to stop the dog with the leash in hand if it starts running.

The best collars to consider are those that are strong and made from leather so they won’t fall apart easily.

There are so many dog collars available to consider.  You can spend five dollars to a hundred dollars on a collar, just be sure that the collar will work for your dog and will be comfortable.

Using All Natural Treatments for Fleas and Ticks

When it comes to flea and tick control, several dog owners get uneasy with the hazardous pesticides that are utilized in conventional techniques. Nowadays, there are some all-natural choices around. Occasionally, they take a bit a lot more “elbow grease,” yet they could be just as efficient and are usually much safer. Here are some organic choices for flea and tick control for your dogs and also residence.

dog-natural-flea1. On Your Family pets

– Spot-on or squeeze-on topical flea treatments are readily available in natural kinds. The majority of these have crucial oils that are highly scented, however that fend off and kill fleas and ticks. Oils like peppermint, cedar, pennyroyal, and several more are integrated making a powerful flea and tick repellent.

– Sprays likewise come in all-natural form, generally including the very same necessary oils as noted above.

– There are currently all-natural flea powders on the marketplace that are mechanically functioning rather than chemically to kill fleas as well as ticks. These powders are known to “dry up” the insects by drawing the wetness from their bodies. This is very important due to the fact that fleas and ticks could not become insusceptible to mechanical methods like they do with the chemical ones.

– Another natural alternative is to add garlic and Brewer’s yeast to the food of your dog. This has the tendency to ward off fleas.

– Comb! It’s difficult to defeat an everyday comb with one that is fine-toothed. Have a zip-top baggie and some white paper by you while you groom. If you find a flea or tick stuck in the comb, immediately brush it into the bag, zip the top, after that lay the baggie down on the white paper. Search for the pest, and “pop” (smash) it through the plastic making use of the handle of the comb. Repeat!

– Organic, herb-based flea collars can be extremely reliable as long as they are replaced typically.

– Shower your dog with a hair shampoo that is lather-rich. Leave the soap on a while, and attempt including some essential oils like citrus, eucalyptus, or cedar to the bath water. This will certainly help fend off parasites after the bathroom.

2. Home and Backyard
It’s frequently stated that alleviating pests from your pet is a waste of time if you don’t treat your residence as well as backyard, too. Below are some organic options for your residence and backyard.

-Be sure to vacuum daily to eliminate fleas as well as flea eggs. Those flea eggs can stay in hardwood, as well. To make sure the fleas do not start increasing within your vacuum cleaner bag, vacuum up a few mothballs or Borax right into your vacuum cleaner to eliminate them.

-Diatomaceous earth is a wonderful natural insect killer that can dry up the bugs. Dust it freely around your home and in your yard. Use a dust mask. You could spray it in and around your family pet’s bedding, also.

-Borax powder, offered in the laundry aisle of your favored shop, is claimed to kill fleas if sprinkled freely on carpets and furnishings, enabled to sit, then vacuumed up.

Traveling Safely with Your Dog

If you have plans to travel with your pet over the summer, you’re probably accustomed to the precautions relating to automobile safety (never leave your animal in a closed vehicle on a sunny day, or perhaps with windows cracked). That may appear like a piece of cake, however think it through before your separation. Exactly what will you do, as an example, when you want to go out and eat at a restaurant? Where will you leave your family pet?

dog-harnessHere are some things to think about for risk-free traveling with your family pet in hot weather.

1. Medication
Depending on where you plan to go on your trip, be sure that your animal is up on date on vaccinations as well as parasite/pest avoidance if necessary. If you’re going camping, you will need to be particularly familiar with ticks. Unfamiliar parasites might present a danger if you’re taking a trip out of the country.

An emergency treatment kit is a good idea for you and your animal, particularly if you are going to be on the roadway a lot or in the wild. Antiseptic, tweezers as well as bandages are the minimum that must remain in such a package. So make certain you take the essential precautions prior to leaving to a brand-new place.

Is your pet vulnerable to nausea? If so, your veterinarian ought to have the ability to advise a medication of some type to help keep your pet well.

2. Prep work
Prior to heading out, bathe and also exercise your family pet. Car trips can get very long for your pet.  And also you want your pet to be clean when you show up. Sources advise not feeding your dog for a few hours prior to the journey, or leaving a few hours after your pet has consumed.


3. In the Car.
Buckle up your dog with an unique pet dog harness, which acts as a seat belt for animals. If your animal is in a dog crate, then this will need to be strapped in/strapped down as well. Cages are essential not just for the automobile but for wherever you’re remaining. It could be a safe haven for your family pet and also could function as a bed at your destination. In the event of a crash, pets have the tendency to endure better if they use a carrier or dog crate, sources state.

Every couple of hours, let your pet out (on a chain) to stroll. Constantly make use of a chain; animals can act different in new environments, or somebody could also steal your un-leashed pet. If you have a cat, educate him or her in using a harness as well as chain prior to your trip.

Tips for Dealing with Fleas and Ticks

It can be easy to neglect fleas and ticks when they are not in season.  They are a problem that should be dealt with year round though. Perhaps you question exactly what the big issue is – all animals get fleas, right? Yes, they do! But it’s not merely a hassle. Protecting your family pets from fleas and ticks can be the distinction between the life and death of your animal, and the well-being of your dogs and household.

Fleas as well as ticks are little critters with a large influence, due to the fact that they have the benefit of numbers – large numbers. Ticks could bring illnesses which can impact both humans and animals, like Lyme disease. Fleas could potentially transmit heartworms and tapeworms with their attacks. Left neglected, heartworms can be deadly.

And don’t forget that fleas could infest your house. If your dogs come inside, flea eggs could come off the hair. Clumps of shed animal hair could then become reproducing premises for fleas. They are tough to eliminate – you will require a number of pricey applications of powerful chemicals to get the infestation in control.

Prevention Options
Prevention is the most effective method to securing your family pets from fleas and ticks. Right here are several of the options.

– Spot-on treatments go in between the shoulders or on the back of the neck for cats, and on the back of the neck or down the back of dogs. These can become costly if you obtain them from your vet or if you have several dogs, however there are inexpensive alternatives. There are lower-cost, over the counter options readily available nowadays. Spot-on, topical flea prevention could contain pesticides or you might prefer a much more organic spot-on (which is likewise offered). They normally both push back and eliminate fleas as well as ticks. They have to be used on a monthly basis.

– Flea collars can also help ward off fleas and ticks, yet they additionally should be maintained fresh and replaced consistently.

– Comb your dog daily with a flea and tick comb. This helps avoid re-infestation between applications of the flea medication.

Hopefully, by using these suggestions, you can rid your pet and your home of any flea and tick problems.


Keeping Your Summer Dog Walking Safe

If you own a dog, chances are you really do not think much about your daily strolls. Yet in the summer season, there are things you may need to consider to make walking your dog as safe as you can.

The heat of summer poses some risks. Here are some tips for taking your dog walking in heat.

dog_walk1. Personalized Walk
Every pet is different. Specialists recommend personalizing your stroll to fit your canine’s physical kind and endurance degree. If your pet is slightly obese and you’re beginning an exercise program, then you should try 4 short, 10-minute walks compared to one long one. For a more energized, youthful or thinner dog, a longer walk could be great, but take a brief break and drink fluids every ten minutes to keep your canine cool.

2. Puddles
In the summertime, you typically aren’t as likely to encounter antifreeze in water on the street. Nonetheless, puddles need to not be water resources for your pet throughout your stroll, sources advise. They can nurture bloodsuckers and also various other roadway chemicals such as motor oil.

3. Just what to Bring
For a risk-free walk this summer season, here is a checklist of items you may intend to bring along to make your pet’s walk successful, healthy, and also safe.

– Drinking water needs to be taken along (for you, too!). Consider a knapsack with an ice pack (a slim gel pack from your freezer will certainly do great and also will not include way too much weight). Place bottles of water for both of you in the pack.

– A retractable water bowl could be slipped into your backpack also.

– Treats excellent to bring along for incentive as well as to maintain your pet.

– Tweezers can be helpful for removing ticks.

– Flea and tick repellent needs to be applied prior to your stroll.

4. Choose Grass
Whenever feasible, attempt to walk your dog on grass during the stroll. The hot concrete can burn his paws. If you can, take a walk in the woods or park.

5. Know the Indicators
Keep an eye on your dog for indicators of pain and frustration. Excessive panting is an indication that your dog is getting overheated. If you see signs of heat exhaustion, take your dog to an air conditioned auto or building as quickly as possible, and also call your vet.